Stuck in the Mud

Today, I want to share one of our latest favorite dice games: Stuck in the Mud. For this game, you need 5 dice and something to score on.

How to Play:

Player one rolls all 5 dice. If a 2 or a 5 are rolled these are stuck in the mud and are set aside. The score is zero. The rest of the dice are rolled again. If there are no 2s or 5s all dice are added up. Then all those dice are rolled again. Play continues until all dice show either a 2 or 5. The score accumulates through the dice rolls with the score for the round coming when all the dice are stuck in the mud. The first player to reach 500 points is the winner!

This might sound complicated, but it’s actually simple. Here is a sample play to show you:

Player One:

                Roll One: 2, 3, 5, 6, 1        score 0 the 2 & 5 are suck in the mud

                Roll Two: 1, 4, 1                 score: 6

                Roll Three: 2, 4, 6              score: 6 the 2 is stuck in the mud

                Roll Four: 1, 3                     score: 6 + 4 = 10

                Roll Five: 2, 5                      score: 10  turn is over

Player Two:

                Roll One: 1, 3, 5, 1, 3        score: 0

                Roll Two: 3, 1, 4, 6            score: 14

                Roll Three: 1, 6, 3, 1         score: 11 + 14 = 25

                Roll Four: 2, 2, 5, 2            score: 25 turn is over

Player One:  

                Roll One: 1, 5, 6, 4, 5,      score: 0

                Roll Two: 3, 4, 6,                score: 13

                Roll Three: 5, 2, 5              Score 13–turn is over– 13 is + 10 from last round for a new score of 23

Here’s another example game:

Roll one:
the five is stuck in the mud. The others are rolled again.
Score: 0

Roll two: all dice score.
Score: 14

Roll three: the five is stuck in the mud.
Score: 14

Roll four: The two is stuck in the mud.
Score: 14

Roll five: all dice are added. 10 is added to the score.
Score is now: 24

Roll six: the two is stuck in the mud.
Score: 24

Roll seven: the five is stuck in the mud and this player’s turn is over.
The score for the round is 24.

This is a fun, easy to learn game. If we have less time we choose a smaller winning point level like 100 or 300. You can also pick a number of rounds to play and the player with the highest score is the winner.


Rating of four out of six dice
Four out of six dice
Five out of six dice rating


Rating of four out of six dice


Pros: fast, easy
Cons: need 5 dice, can be long in between turns if you have a lot of players
Mom: counting, addition, probability

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    1. If you don’t get a two or a five in any roll then you add the dice numbers together and that is your score, you roll again and if you still didn’t get a two or a five then you add those dice to the score you already have until you have no dice left.

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