Hex is a strategic game that dates back to the 1940s. It was created by a Danish mathematician named Piet Hein. In the family of Checkers, Hex is for two layers and can be a short lay or a log one depends on who is playing.

The board is 11 hexagons by 11 hexagon in a diamond shape. You can download our template for free by clicking the link below. You need 61 tokens in two different counters for a total of 122 counters. Each player chooses a set of parallel lines as their sides. The corner places belong to both players.

You can download our copy of the board below.


To start, the first player places a token anywhere on the board. The second layer then places his token anywhere. Tokens can not be moved once they are placed.

Players start anywhere on the board
Players can choose any space to start.
Players can put their tokens in any space on the board
The players can place their tokens anywhere on the board.


The object of the game is to get a line of tokens that touches each side of your Hes board side. The line can back track or loop as long as it is a continuous, unbroken line. 


The first player to connect both of his lines is the winner.

Winning is done by connecting the two sides of a colour together in a line
Green has won by connecting the two green sides

Tricks for Making your Own:

For single use, print the template and use two markers or pens of different colours to mark your moves, To save paper, you could print the template and then slid the paper into a page protector. Then use washable markers or dry erase marker to mark your moves. Printing the template on card stock is a good idea if you want to play more then once.

Token can be made of anything that fits inside the hexagons. You could use beads or coins. To make your own tokens by using our pipe cleaner tokens. You can learn how here.

Let us know if you use our game board and how you liked playing Hex in the comments below.

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