Gobblet Gobblers

Todays game review is for Gobblet Gobblers, an early strategy game for kids 5 and up.

At one time or another, every kid learns to play tic tac toe–ad loves it. The parents, tire quickly of this game having already been down that road and knowing the sure fire way to win. Gobblet Gobblers takes Tic Tac Toe and moves it to a new level.

First, all the pieces in the game are wooden and very durable–great for young kids and longevity! There are four wooden bars that connect to make the board. Then each player has six players–two large, two medium and two small. Players take turns placing their pieces in the grid board–just like tic tac toes. The pieces have cute, funny faces on them for more fun.

The Twist

The catch, and the difference between tic tac toe, is that a blue piece can gobble an orange one and vice versa. So, if orange places a small piece in the top corner, then blue can cover, or gobble, that piece with either a medium or large sized piece. Like wise, a medium piece can be gobbled by a large piece.

Orange starts first by placing a small in the top right corner.
Orange starts.
Blue places a piece over the small ornage piece.
Blue gobbles orange.

The Strategy

Gobblet Gobblers offers a larger strategy than tic tac toe. Do you place your large piece first to guarantee your spot? Or do you keep your bigger pieces for gobbling? And just when you think you’re going to win someone can gobble you up!

Blue has two markers ina row.
Orange is in trouble.
Orange block's blue with a large piece.
Orange makes sure blue won’t win with that line.
Blue has markers in two corners and the middle.
Looks like blue is going to win.


Just like in traditional tic tac toe, the winner is the player who gets three pieces in a row, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Blue get three markers in a row to win the game.
Blue wins!


I find this is a great next level alternative to tic tac toe. It takes longer to play, which is a good thing. And it keeps an adult’s or older kid’s attention better.

Overall, I would recommend this game for younger kids. The wood pieces and made to last, the higher level strategy makes it engaging, even the box fixes a common complaint of mine–they covered their cut out that lets you see a game piece with heavy duty plastic! That means all the pieces stay in the box! If you have young kids, make room for Gobblet Gobblers on you Family Game Shelf!


Five out of six dice rating
Rating of four out of six dice


Rating of four out of six dice


Rating of four out of six dice


Pros: easy, not as boring as tic tac tow, whole family play, sturdy pieces
Cons: adults may tire of it
Mom: logical thinking, strategy

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