Smithsonian Mission Museum: The Case of the Missing Mummy

Smithsonian Mission Museum: The Case of the Missing Mummy is a game for the whole family to work together.

One hot summer day, my girls and I went to the library and found a big surprise: board game day! We were thrilled. This was a chance to try out some new games and spend some time in central air conditioning (on a 30 degree + day it was a nice bonus). The first game we tried out was Smithsonian Mission Museum: The Case of the Missing Mummy.

The Missing Mummy is a family board game that is made by the Smithsonian. I figured that it would be educational and well made. The box said that it was a co-operative game, so I figured even better.

The premise of the game is that a mummy has escaped into the museum and you must work as a team to catch the mummy before it escapes into the city. You choose a mission that has three artifacts. The team must work together to uncover the artifacts and put together the magic spell that will stop the mummy.

Each player takes a turn moving around the artifact tiles. You then choose a challenge card. The challenge cards vary–decoding secret messages, trivia, word searches to name a few. The team works together to solve the challenge. If they are successful, the artifact tile is turned over. If they are not successful, the mummy moves closer to the front door of the museum.

The first time we played, we won easily–too easily. The next time we played, I suggested that we had to each answer our own challenges. This made the game more challenging and more fun. We still won but that mummy was on its way to freedom.

As a parent, I thought the game was good. I loved all the history and cool facts in the game. My kids liked solving the codes the best.

This would make a great game for kids to play by themselves. Also, if my kids were a little younger, working  as a team would have been perfect. The suggested age is 8+. I think 8 is a great age for this; younger kids could play with the team.

Overall, this is a good game. There are 300 challenge cards so you could play a long time before you get to the point where you memorize all the answers.

The quality of the cards and pieces is quite good.

The one down side to this game, is that there is only 8 missions. But with so many challenge cards and the fact that the artifact tiles are in a different place every game, it is still a challenging, fun game.

I would make room on our Family Game Shelf for this one. Also, the price is one of the best ones I’ve seen on this quality of game, making it an easy purchase.

Pros: co-operative, educational, lots of challenge cards, kids can play by themselves

Cons: adults might find the challenges too easy (maybe depending on how well you did in history class), mostly American history, only 8 missions

Mom: history, reading, problem solving and co-operation aka no sore losers


Five out of six dice rating
Five out of six dice rating


Rating of four out of six dice


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