Give a Dog a Bone

Give A Dog A Bone game box front
It’s a race to see who can collect the most bones for their dog

My in-laws gave this game to my youngest daughter for her birthday when she was quite young. It seemed to be a good fit right off the bat as she has always been a big dog lover.

In this preschool game, you set tiles out to make the board – making it a different board every time you play. (I’m embarrassed  to admit that it took me a few times to realize that they are designed to make a rectangle!) Each title has a path running through it that lines up with every other tile.

Each player chooses one of four dogs and the coloured doghouse. There is one dog that all players take turns moving. The dice is extra large and perfect for preschool-sized hands.

The object of the game is to collect as many dog bones as possible. On your turn, you roll the dice and move the dog around the tiles. When you reach the correct square, you use your powers of observation to see if your dog is shown on that tile. If it is, you get a cute plastic bone to put in your dog house. If it is not, or you can’t see it, then play moves to the next person.

Beautiful artwork and changeable tiles make this game a treat for the eyes.

Be careful, you could land on the bully and loose a bone. You could also land on Bandit and steal a bone from another player.

The game is over when all the bones are taken. The winner is the payer with the most bones.

The artwork is beautiful in this game. The dog that is used as the mover is also adorable. However, the box, although nice, sturdy and compact, has a hole in the top for a see-through look. The plastic top that goes between the lid and the game often got forgotten and had to be looked for; it also frayed over time making it hard to put away.

Who doesn’t love an adorable puppy?

Overall, this is a great preschool game with excellent art and easy to understand rules for young kids. It makes a great addition to a young family’s game shelf.




Pros: good quality, beautiful art, large pieces, easy to understand, changeability

Cons: adults will be board after round two, the box

Mom: counting, observation

Age: 3 and up
Player: 2 to 4
Time: 15 min

Give A Dog A Bone game box front

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