Christmas Trivia Game

I have to say that we’re not usually fans of trivia games–we’re not that good at them and they go out of date rather fast. But Christmas Trivia Game is different. First, little of holiday trivia goes out of date. Secondly, we actually know things about Christmas. We bought Christmas Trivia Game as a fun game to play when we’re in the festive mood.

The cards have four categories on them: Christmas Carols, Holiday Traditions, Xmas Entertainment, North Pole.

The question cards for Christmas Trivia have cute pictures on them to show the categories.
Cute illustrations show the categories, adding to the fun


In Christmas Carols, a player can be asked anything from who sang to filling in the lyrics or the beginnings of the song. This category can test your memory, what did my true love give me on the 10th day of Christmas?

Holiday Traditions is full of information of Christmas from around the world–some funny, some easy, some surprising, like which country is it illegal to not go to church on Christmas day?

Xmas Entertainment is the category most dated. It  covers movies, TV specials, actors, and plot lines. It covers classic movies from the 1940s through to more current items such as the Simpsons.

The North Pole is the category where anything goes. Events that have happened on Christmas, mall Santas, shopping, history, reindeer, you name it. It keeps you on your toes for sure.

Now how to play: The game play is rather simple; a player picks his category of choice. Then the player on his right reads the question. If he gets it correct, he gets a point for that category and play moves on. If he gets it wrong, play moves on.

Moving on to winning the game: The first player to score two points in each category wins. The rules also state that if you want a shorter game then the winner needs to get only one point in each category.

The nuts and blots

Christmas Trivia game comes with 220 cards–that’s 880 questions. The box says that it is for ages 12+ but we’ve played with the kids and everyone gets correct answers and has fun. There are plenty of questions where you can figure out the answer by thinking it through and then there are the multiple choice questions–always a favorite in trivia games!  There are also true false questions. The cards are good quality. The box is a smaller size but could be even smaller, there’s quite a bit of empty space in there.

This Christmas Trivia card shows some multiple choice questions as well a yes or no answer.
With many questions having multiple choice and true/false questions out and out guessing is easier!


Overall, Charismas Trivia Game is a great holiday themed game. We love learning new things about one of our favorite holidays. We often don’t even keep score, instead just enjoy asking and answering the questions and spending time together. Of course, this is a game that we only play in November and December but that helps keep the game fresh–who remembers the answers a year later? None of us! We find this is a great holiday game and it’s worth making room on your Family Game Shelf for it, even if it sits at the back for most of the year.


Pros: lots of questions, short play option, wide variety of questions
Cons: some of the entertainment questions are quite old, box could be smaller
Mom: reading, lots of knowledge learned


Rating of four out of six dice
Rating of four out of six dice


Rating of four out of six dice


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