15 Holiday Themed Games

The holiday season brings lots of opportunities to spend time with family and friends. What better way to spend that time then by playing games together? Make them holiday themed games and everyone gets in the spirit and has a great time. Here is a list of Christmas and holiday games to try out!

Clue: North Pole Holiday Edition Board Game for Kids

This game plays like regular Clue but has a holiday theme. All the presents go missing and you have to find which elf did it, where and with what.
Ages 8+

Candy Land Game: Winter Adventures Edition Board Game for Kids

Another classic with a holiday theme. Be the first to get the winter party at Chillymint Mansion.
Ages 3+

Don’t Step in It! Reindeer Edition Holiday Game for Kids

This is a table top version where player try to hit as many snowflakes with their hands as they can but to avoid the smushy reindeer droppings.
Ages 4+

Outset Media

Outset Media has Christmas versions of Charades, Trivia and Scavenger Hunt. You can check out our review of Christmas Trivia game here.

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Board Game

Christmas can’t start without all the toys. Move through the game collecting misfit toys and race back to the workshop.
Ages 8+


A fun Christmas twist on the classic game. The movers are a teddy bear, candy cane, train, Rudolph and Scroge. The deeds come with fun facts.
For 2-6 players.

The Christmas Express Game

It’s a train race to the North Pole. It promise lots of player interaction and fun.
Ages 8+

Christmas Lights Card Game

Be the first to set your string of lights completed first–but with a twist. You play with the cards backwards so you can’t see them! Looks and interesting.
Ages: 6+

Calliope Games 12 Days Card Game

Based on the song 12 Days of Christmas, layers exchange cards and try to win that day of Christmas at the same time collecting gifts to hang on to.
Ages: 8+

Looney Labs Holiday Fluxx Card Game

This holiday game covers from Halloween to New Year’s Eve, including Hanukah. There’s trading and trick taking.
Ages 8+

This That & Everything: Merry X-Mas Party Game Standard

Teams have to get their teammates to say the things on a Christmas themed list.
Ages: 12+

Christmas Game by Family Pastimes

This game you play together to make all the puzzles together before the Manger scene gets clouded over. In the true spirit of things, players have to give and receive presents from each other to win.
Ages 5+

Spot it Mini Holiday Tin

One of our favorite games with holiday images.

Which of these holiday games have you played? Let me know in the comments below and tell me what you think of them! To buy some holiday games click here.

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