There’s a Moose in the House

There’s a Moose in the House is a card game for two to five players aimed at ages eight and up. The first time you play, you should look through the deck first to get familiar with the cards—this makes playing so much easier.

Next, after shuffling of course, deal each player four cards. The area in front of you on the table is your house—the place where moose can collect.

The cards:

Card pictures of moose coming in the front door

Moose—this can be played on your turn in any other player’s house. It is always fun to claim, “There’s a Moose in the House!” as you place it down in front of someone. This card invites all the other moose into a house. This card must be in someone’s house for you to put a moose card in a room.

The Rooms—you can place a room in someone’s house on your turn. A There’s a Moose in the House card does not need to be present to have a room. A player’s house can only have three empty rooms at a time. Once a room is either full or closed in a three-room house, another room card can be added to that player’s house. A player’s house can have more than one of a kind of room, for example, you can have two kitchens or three living rooms.

Cards show a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom

Moose cards—the moose cards can be placed in someone’s empty room on your tun. The player must have the right room to go with the right moose. For example, the moose in the bathtub must be placed in the bathroom. These connections are made easier by the colour-coded boarder. When playing a moose card, you announce that “There’s a Moose in your kitchen” or the corresponding room.

Cards show a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom all  with moose in each room
Card pictures a white door that is shut

Door—These cards are the only cards that you can place in your own house. If you have an empty room on your turn, you can place a door card on top of it and close the door. Once a room has a closed door, no more pesky moose can get in that room.

Card pictures of moose trap

Moose Tap—You can play this card when another player is trying to place a moose in a room of your house. You must play the trap card right away. The caught moose and the trap card are placed in the discard pile but the room card remains in the house.

Now that you know the cards, you are ready to start playing.


Once the cards have been dealt, the first player draws a card from the draw pile. You now have options: you can lace a There’s a Moose in the House card in someone’s house, you can place an empty room in someone’s house or you can discard. Once you have made your move, play goes to the next player. Once a There’s a Moose in the House card is played, you have the option to place rooms and corresponding moose in that player’s house. If you have an empty room in your house, you can put down a door card.

If you have played a moose trap card, you will be short a card. On your turn, draw two cards to bring your hand back up to five and continue playing.

If you draw a There’s a Moose in the House card and all players have one of these cards in their houses, simply discard the card and draw again. As there are several There’s a Moose in the House cards, this happens often.

To keep your house tidy, I recommend stacking your rooms that have been invaded by moose.

Play continues until the last card from the draw pile is taken. Then players continue to take turns playing from their hands until no player is able to play.

Winning the Game:

Each moose in your house your house–and left in your hand—counts as one point. The player with the smallest amount of moose is the winner!

This card game claims to be “a very silly card game.” Although, the concept of a house full of moose is indeed silly, I thought this game would be full of giggles and craziness. I don’t find that this is the case. That said, we enjoy this game and both my kids ranked it as the number one game that we received this Christmas. The silliness, I guess, comes from the creative ways of announcing that there’s a moose in your house. We have enjoyed coming up with sayings of “rub-a-dub-dub there’s a moose in your tub,” and signing rock a bye moose there’s a moose in your bed.


The quality of this game is good. The cards are sturdy as is the box. For a card game, I find the box a little big, but that said, it is not oversized. The size and sturdiness of the box does also make it easy to stack.


Overall, There’s a Moose in the House is a good game. It is easy to play. The quality is good. To play, you will need about 15 minutes and some table space and you can make it as silly as you would like. As a bonus, it comes with some moose facts that we enjoyed reading. There is defiantly room on our Family Game Shelf for There’s a Moose in the House.


Rating of four out of six dice
Four out of six dice
Five out of six dice rating


Six out of six dice rating


Rating of four out of six dice


Pros: easy, quick, good quality
Cons: not as silly as we had hoped, can get repetitive
Mom: creative thinking

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