Santa’s Sleigh Dice Game

For Christmas, I put a twist on a popular game to create Santa’s Sleigh dice game.

To play you will need five dice and a score sheet. The object of Santa’s Sleigh is to be the first player to get to 50 presents.


You need to roll a six that is the sleigh. Rolling a one will get you Santa to drive the sleigh. you need an elf to load the sleigh and you need to roll a three to get an elf. The other two dice count for the amount of presents that are loaded into the sleigh.

How to Play:

Roll all five dice. Each player gets three rolls per turn. If you roll a six, one and/or three, set these aside. If you roll more than one of any of these numbers, keep one and re-roll the others. Re-roll any other dice, trying to get the reaming numbers. Once the 6, 1, and 3 are rolled, the other two dice must be rolled together.

If after three rolls, a six, one or three have not been rolled, that player scores zero for the round and play passes to the next player.

If a 6, 1, and three have been rolled, add the other two dice together to get a present score. All three rolls do not have to be rolled. For example, if you 6, 1, 3, and 5, 5 in the first roll, then you can accept a present score of 10.

Winning Santa’s Sleigh:

The fist player to load 50 presents in the sleigh is the winner. To make the game shorter or longer, change the amount of presents needed to win. Alternatively, you can choose to play a set amount of rounds, say 10 rounds, and the player with the highest present score wins.

Here are some examples:

Player one:

A Santa's Sleigh dice game roll of a one, a six, a three, a five and another six shows a completed roll with a score of 11.
Lucky roll! A sleigh, a Santa, and elf and a present score of 11!

Player two:

A Santa's Sleigh dice game roll of a five, a six, a three, a six and 2 fours shows a good first roll
A sleigh and an elf, a good first roll.
A Santa's Sleigh dice game roll of a a two and 2 fours doesn't contain a one so all three dice are rolled again
Roll two doesn’t have a Santa so roll all three dice again.
Roll three has a Santa and a present score of 6.

Player one:

A Santa's Sleigh dice game roll of a 2 twos, 2 sixes and one four; keep one six and roll again
Roll one–keep one of the sixes and roll the rest again.
A Santa's Sleigh dice game roll of a two, a  three and 2 ones; the three and one of the ones are keeps and the one and two can be rolled again or kept for a score of 3
A Santa and an elf. Roll the one and two or keep the present score of 3.
A Santa's Sleigh dice game roll of a sic and a one give a score of 7
A present score of 7 is added to player one’s overall score for a total of 18!

I hope you enjoy Santa’s Sleigh dice game.
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I’d love to hear what you think of this game in the comments or what other Christmas twists on games you have tried!

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