Crazy Eight Countdown

For a twist on the basic Crazy Eight card game, you can try playing Crazy Eight Countdown. This game is easy for the whole family with just a little bit more challenge and a little longer time frame.

What you need: a standard deck of cards (jockers removed) and a score sheet to keep track of each player’s level.

Object of the game: to be the first person to get ride of all of your cards.

Set up: Start by writing all of the players’ names on a sheet with an 8 beside them. Next, deal eight cards to all players.


The basic play is the same. Play moves around the players in a clockwise fashion. Cards are played according to suit matching or number matching just as in the standard game. Eights are wild for everyone—but only at the start. Twos are still pick up 2 and the Queen of Spades is still pick up 5.

Playing a two will make the next player have to pick up 2 cards from the draw pile
Just as in standard Crazy Eights, playing atwo will make the next player pick up 2.
Playing an eight means that you get to change to suit to your choice
Eights are wild for everyone at the start of the game.

Now for the twist part. When a player successfully gets ride of all of her cards, she then picks up 7 cards for her hand. The eight is scratched off next to her name and a 7 is now written down. 7s are now wild for this player. Eights are now just regular cards. The play stays the same for all the other players, including the hands they have. Play continues as normal.

Playing the last card in your hand means that you move into 7s and the game continues
This player is down to one card. If she successfully playes the card, she will move to 7s.
At the start of a new number, you pick up that number of cards off the draw pile.
Now that she has played her last card, she moves to 7s and picks up 7 cards off the draw pile.
When in 7s, 7s are wild and can change the suit of play.
7s are now wild for this player. Playing a secen now means she can choose the suit that the play changes to.

When the player at 7 gets ride of her cards again, she moves on to 6s, picking up 6 cards from the draw pile as her new hand. 6s are now wild for her and play continues.

When other players finish their hand, they, too, draw the next number from the draw pile and move on to the next number.

When going into 6s, you pick up 6 cards off the draw pile and 6s are now wild for you.
This player has now moved onto 6s and draws six cards from the draw pile. 6s are now wild for this player.

Winning the game:

The first player to get to the ace number and then get ride of all their cards is the winner.

To win Crazy Eight Countdown, you must get ride of your last card when you are in 1s
The first player to successfuly play her last card when she gets to 1s is the winner.

Crazy Eight Countdown brings a new flavour to the standard game. It is great when you have tired of the traditional game. It takes a little bit more attention, as keeping track  of what is wild for you can be more challenging than it sounds. The game takes longer to play than the traditional game, with most games averaging about 15 minutes.


Overall, Crazy Eight Countdown is a game that we will be keep on our family game shelf.

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Have you tired Crazy Eight Countdown? I would love to find out how you liked it! Let me know in the comments below!


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