Mad Gab

I first played this game when I was a teenager. We got this game for Christmas. We did play it but it ended up on the shelf and just sat there, being passed over for other games. Years later, my daughters found it and asked about it. The name Mad Gab sounds super fun so we decided to try it again.

The idea of the game is that there are cards with words on them that you have to try to figure out what the clue is actually saying. For instance “Why Tail Huff Hunt”. You say it fast, slow, slurry and any other way that you can until you get to the answer or time runs out. The answer? “White elephant.”

The Mad Gab cards have printed words on them that sound like phrases if you say them the right way.
Do you hear Sixty Minutes, That’s correct, and A paper plate?

The game is for 2 to 12 players and ages 10 and up. I would agree with the ages 10 and up as a player needs to be able to read fully to play. We have only played the 2 and 3 version of the game, so the individual game.

The Mad Gab timer comes with three time settings.
The timer comes with three time settings: easy, average and expert.

The team game sounds maybe a little easier. In this version, each team gets a coach who can see the answer and coaches them to stress certain syllables. The opposing team get a plyer who can steal any unanswered clues at the end of the time.

For each turn, players are to solve three clues. The game is won by a team or someone getting 25 points, or 25 clues answered.

What we liked:

The colours of the game are orange and bright, making it look exciting. There are lots of clues. Every card has four clues on them so that would make for a lot of playability. Also, turns are short so play is quick. It is fun to know the answer and listen to someone try to piece it together. Another pro to the game is that the quality is good. The cards and box are sturdy.

What we don’t like:

We found the clues, for the most part, hard. To be fair, a spelling learning disability does run in our family making this kind of game very difficult. The family members that don’t share that didn’t struggle with the game as much as some of us but they still found it hard. To date, we have not once won a game. We always give up as no one is really having fun. Another item that we don’t care for is that the game comes in a cube shaped box. It makes for an interesting item on the shelf but it’s hard to place and the girls had a hard time opening it. Another negative point is that the timer is kind of loud and distracting.


Overall, I don’t recommend this game. Maybe it’s the learning disability, but there is little joy to be had of struggling through a clue when other people know the answer and are laughing at you. The box shape also makes it a no fit on our shelf. To be fair, the game now comes in a small box with a sand timer, improvements for sure. There is also a version that is just cards. This version also has pictures in the clues. If you enjoy word play, this might be a game to try out. But for us, there is no room on our Family Game Shelf for Mad gab.


One out of six dice
rating of three dice out of six


Rating of four out of six dice


Pros: lots of playability with so many cards, quality
Cons: difficult, feel like beig laughed at not with
Mom: listening skills, out of the box thinking

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To buy and try Mad Gab for yourself, check out the versions of Mad Gab at Amazon.

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