10 Games to Play That Take an Hour to Play

With the global health crisis, schools shutting down and people “social distancing,” you might be looking for tings to do. Here is out list of top games that take an hour to play and are a great, fun time to spend together.

1) Clue

The classic who-done-it game. Play takes about an hour. With your mind engaged while tracking down clues, the time will fly by and your mind will get a workout too. Got younger kids? Try Clue Jr. You can read our review to find out if it’s right for your family.

2) Ticket to Ride

This game is quickly becoming a classic and for good reason. While trying to connect train lines to complete missions, you learn geography and history and critical thinking. Ever changing strategies can keep you on your toes and encourage creative thinking as well as learning to deal with changing plans. Play time is about an hour.

3) Carcassonne

This game takes just over half an hour to play. Players take turns placing tiles. Trying to figure out where the best place to put your tile to gain you the most points is engaging. You’ll want to lay again right away so half an hour can easily lead to an hour or more.
Read our review here!

4) Pictionary

Another classic game. Trying to guess and draw yourself around the game board takes about an hour. With lots of creativlt5y and laughs, this game will whittle away time in no time.

5) The Game of Life

There are lots of variations of this game—classic, Zapped, Minions, even a card one. Will you be a dentist? Rock star? Will you climb a mountain or won a cottage? Lots of fun and playability with this game. One game takes about an hour to play.

6) Monopoly

Is there a game that takes longer to play than this one? If the world of property owning is up your ally, then Monopoly will for sure put a dent in the hours. Even if you don’t finish the game, it will keep you occupied for a long time.

7) Pictopia

This is a trivia game with a twist. Each card has four pictures on it. Depending on where you are on the board, you could have to answer a classic trivia question or one based on the people who are playing the game. This is a great way to spend an hour testing your trivia and knowledge of each other.

8) The Logo Game

This trivial game tests your knowledge of the brands of our world. It’s amazing how much even young kids know about the marketing world. After an hour, you’ll be paying more attention to the marketing of the world.

9) Scattergoaries

Testing your mind to come up with 12 items that start with N for the specified categories—and the debates that follow—will fill an hour with creative thinking and laughter all around.

10) Rummy or Rummikub

This tile placing game will keep everyone involved for an hour making runs or groups of a kind.

When you need to fill time, these great games will make the time disappear, leaving good memories behind. What are some of your favorite games that take an hour to play? Let us know in the comments below. For other board games to play, check out our reviews. Looing for card games? Check out our list with instructions here. Dice more your thing? No problem. We have a collection of dice games here to check out. Happy gaming!

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