This family dice game is simplistic but very addictive! All you need to play Pig is one dice and something to keep score with. Yep just one die. How can one little die be exciting? This dice game is all about risk taking and luck.

You can play Pig with as many or as few people as you would like and with any age range. Even young kids can play if you help them add.

First, you have to decide to what point value you wan to play to. 50 or a 100 makes a good game. you could also play to a set number of rounds if that works better for you.

How to Play:

On your turn, roll the die. If you roll a one, your score is zero and your turn is over. Play passes to the left. However, if it’s any number between 2 and 6, that is your score. You can then choose to keep that as your score or you can choose to roll again. If you choose to roll again and roll any number from 2 to 6, that number is added to your score. You can choose to stop at any time and accept the total score that you’ve accumulated. However, if you roll a one at any time, your score goes to zero for that round and your turn is over.

On your next urn, any score that you get is added to the score from the round before. If you get a one then your score for the round is zero but you keep the score that is already recorded.

For example:

Player one: first roll is a 3. Second roll is a 5. She chooses to stop and keep the score of 8.

Player two: fist roll is 2. Second roll is 6. Third roll is a 4. His score right now is 12. He decides to roll again. Forth roll is a 1. His score is now zero.

Player one: First roll 6. Second roll is a 4. Her score is 10 and adds to the 8 from the first round and is now 18.

Player two: First roll is 4. Second roll is 5. He decides to stop for a score of 9.

Player one: First roll is a 1. She scores zero for the round and her score stays at 18.

Player two: First roll is 4. Second roll is 6. Third roll is 5. His score is now 15 and adds to his score of nine for a new total of 24.

Winning the Game:

The first person to reach the agreed upon number is the winner.

A roll of 5. An second roll of five and a third roll of 2
Player One has: 5 + 5+ 2 for a total of 12
Roll of 6. Second roll 4. Third roll 2. Fourth roll 1.
Player Two had a score of 12 but rolled a one so has no score
First roll of 5. Second roll of two.
Player Two adds 7 to her score of 12 for a total of 19
Two rolls of 4 each.
Player Two has a score of 8.
Roll of a one.
Player Obe rolled a one and score zero for the round but keeps her score of 19
First roll 5. Second roll 2. Third roll 5.
Player adds 12 to make a total core of 20.


Pig 2

You need two dice for this one. This is played the same but if you roll a 1 with one dice then you score zero for the roll and get to roll again. If you roll two 1s then you loose all points for that turn.

Big Pig

Again you need two dice for this game. Similar to Pig 2, if you roll one 1 then there’s score. If you roll two 1s then your score is 25 but you must roll again.

Double pig:

Again this is a 2 dice game. Played the same way but with the rule that if you roll doubles, then you the points are doubled. For example, if you roll two 2s then your score is 2 + 2= 4 x 2 = 8. If you roll two 5s then the score is 5 + 5=10 x 2 = 20.


What makes Pig a great dice game is that it is so simple. You can play anywhere with anyone but the element of risk keeps you engaged. Pig had us playing again and again.  Grandpa, 80 and not a gamer, understood right away and demonstrated the risk of going too far–he lost a score in the 70s on his first turn! Pig is a simple but engaging game to play with the whole family and will having you playing again and again. Pig is a must for the Family Game Shelf.

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3 thoughts on “Pig

    1. For the regular game, only one dice is rolled. How many times is decided by each player. If you’re feeling lucky, keep rolling. If you want to play it safe, stop and take the points. If you roll a one at any time, you get no points for the round.

    2. HI. You use just one dice. Each player keeps rolling until she feels like stopping–unless you get a one then you score no points for the round.

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