Hello! I am a mother of two wonderful girls and a game enthusiast.

Games have always played a big part in my life. I remember getting My Dog Has Fleas game for Christmas, practicing math skills with Flipover, giggling for hours with cousins over The Game Of Life, and playing cards–mostly Rummy 500- with my high school sweetheart, turned husband.

Nothing is more exciting than opening a new game and figuring out all the twists and turns. I love connecting with family and friends while playing games.

When my kids were toddlers, we introduced game into their lives. Games are great learning resources, teaching math and language, physicality, sportsman ship and most of all hoe to have fun!  As time has gone on, games have stayed in our daily lives–as time fillers, boredom busters, homework helpers, family fun nights. We love to be loud, silly and laugh and – respectful- trash talk is always acceptable (when it come to games). As a mom, I love games that incorporate learning into everyday life.

I created Family Game Shelf to have a place to share our love of games with other families. You’ll find posts on how to play games, rules, reviews and insights to all things related to board, card and dice games.

We hope you enjoy and play one!

Meet the team:

Stephanie – Mom – creative, fun-loving, education-minded

Julia – oldest daughter – smart, goofy, fair play for all, kind-hearted, teenager

Carrie-Anne – youngest daughter – logical, wacky, devious, in it to win it, upper elementary

Joel – Dad – career man, loving father, score keeper

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