Disney’s Eye Found it

Eye Found It is a preschool co-operative game for kids ages 4 and up. There are several version of this game; today I’ll show you the Disney version of it.

The goal of the game is for all players to get to Cinderella’s castle before the clock strikes midnight. The game board is three large puzzle pieces that fit together to make one large six foot board. Up to six players can play, so it’s great for larger families. Everyone chooses a Disney character to be and places them at the start.

Eye Found It is full of beautiful graphics
It’s a race to the castle before the clock strikes midnight.

Now, how to play. The first player, spins the spinner and moves along the path the number of spaces that he landed on.  The path has shortcuts–a preschool favorite– and many forks in the road to choose–another preschool favorite.

Eye Found It has plenty of shortcuts to add to the fun.
Shortcuts add to the fun of the game.

But, it’s not so easy. On the spinner there are two clock spots. If a player lands on one of these, she must move the clock’s hands one or two hours ahead. The clock is part of the game board and has a hand that moves around. To start the clock is set to 1 o’clock. Each time you land on the clock space, it shorts your game.

Eye Found It's spinner has two search spots and two spots that move the clock hands
The spinner has two clock spaces and two search spots to land on.

In contrast, the spinner also has two search spots. The board also has spots to land on that allow you to search for items. When a search spot is landed on, a card is chosen, the time is set and you search the board game for the item on the card. The cards have a variety of items on them– anything from cats to music. As a team, everyone looks for the item. When one is spotted, an adorable Mickey-shaped ring is placed on the board, showing where the item is. After time has run out, the items are counted and everyone moves that many spaces on the path.

Eye Found it uses cute Mickey ears to mark the found items
Mark the found items that match the cards and the board with Mickey shaped rings.

One of the great things is that the rules encouraged you to think creatively. For example, if music is what is being searched for, the birds in the Cinderella part of the board can be circled as birds are musical and the birds in the movie sing.

The clock that is part of the Eye Found It board keeps track of the time and shows how many hours before midnight
All the players must reach the castle before the clock reaches midnight.

The downside of this game is it seems to be too easy to lose. The spinner has one space that moves one hour and one space that moves two hours. The space with two hours can add up quickly. This should add challenge to the game, but it can make the game seem impossible to win. To counter this when it happens too early in the game, we extend the clock to a 24 hour one instead of a 12 hour one.

Next, we find the images on the board hard to find. We often only score 1, 2, 3 moves. On the other hand, some search items are clumped making scoring high. For example, when flags are what is being searched for, there are four flag flying together on one ship.

A knowledge of Disney’s stories is a big bonus. If you are looking for cats and you know the story of Cinderella has one cat, you can find him, circle him and move to another section.

The game does get easier the more you play it. You start to remember where things are on the board.

Over all, Disney’s Eye Found It is a decent game. The co-operative aspect of the game is great for per-schoolers and kids alike. It also encourages attention to details and creative thinking. The quality is good and the board puzzle pieces fit together very well, so much so that when you are playing, you forget that they are separate. Kids loves the fact that you play on the floor, but adults can find it’s not as comfortable to sit and move around on the floor. If you have the room and pre-schoolers, it would be worth making room on your family game shelf for Disney’s Eye Found It.

Pros: quality, co-operative,
Cons: needs to be played on the floor, easy to loose
Mom: attention to detail, creative thinking, no sore losers


rating of three dice out of six
Rating of four out of six dice


Rating of four out of six dice


Age: 4+
Time: 15 – 30min

Disney's Eye Found It game box front
Diensy's Eye Found It game box back

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