Holiday Wish List 2019

Every year we put games on our holiday wish list. We usually give several suggestions so that we are a little surprised when we open our gifts (but still get something we want). Here is are top 20 holiday wish list games for 2019.

1. There’s a Moose in the House

This award winning game promises to be a silly card game where players attempt to place moose in other players houses while blocking moose from getting into their houses. Looks silly and right up our ally.
Ages: 6+
Players: 2-5

2. 5 Second Rule

This game promises silliness as well. You have 5 seconds to blurt out 3 of whatever is on your card, say types of dog breeds, as a marble twists down the time. Fast thinking leads to silly answers–just what we’re looking for in our family game night.
Ages: 10+
Players: 3+

3. Sleeping Queens

 Sleeping Queens seems at first glance to be for a younger set than our family, but I’ve read so many god things about this game–including that older kids love it–I figured we’d put it on the list and try it for ourselves. The game is a fantasy world full of fairy tale beings that you match and block.
Ages 8+
Players 2-5

4. Exit The Game

Our family has never been to a professional escape room, but we’ve considered it a lot of times. The Exit games let us play one right in the comfort of our own home. The price is great and we can control the scary/intenseness of the game (we hope). This is a one time use game, something we usually wouldn’t consider but we’re willing to try this one out.
Ages 12+
Players 1-6

5. Qwixx

This award winning dice game I hadn’t heard of until this year even though it’s not new. I love dice games and this one seems challenging but easy to play. The colour-coded dice and score sheet are intriguing for sure.
Ages 8+
Players 2

6. Codenames

We’ve played this one time before. It is a game that makes you think–trying to discard words without picking the triggered word. The girls were able to play this (on a team with an adult) and it looks like this could become a family favorite in year sot come. It comes in many different variations – family, Disney, 2 player, pictures.

7. Chameleon

Similar to Codenames, players have to use their brains and words. There is one player who doesn’t know what the word is and he has to try to blend in with the descriptions that the other players are giving or risk being found out. Sounds like this one could become a family favorite too.
Ages 14+
Players 3-8

8. Mad Libs the Game

Our kids are huge fans of the Mad Libs stories, so why not try it in a game format? The game seems to play similar to Apples to Apples that we all love.
Ages 10+

9. Apple to Apples

We do own an old version of Apple to Apples Jr and it really is a favorite. We’ve discussed upgrading to the adult version–the years of Barney and Cinderella have passed us, not to mention that we had to explain what a Teletubbie was. Time for an upgrade I do believe.

10. Carcassonne

We have never played this style of game before but we are open to trying it. It’s a tile placing, community-building concept. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this game so I thought it would be a good one to start with.
Ages 7+
Players 2-5

11. Somewhere in the Rockies

This is  another new game style to our family is co-operation games. We’ve tried a few but do not own any. We have a train buff in our mists, plus we’re hoping it has some information on our Canadian Rockies to teach as we play.
Ages 9+
2-8 players

12. Love Letter

This is also a different style of game for our family. It’s a race to get your letters to the princess first, using cards. Intriguing.
Ages 10+
Players 2-4

13. In a Pickle

In this card game, players have to make stacks of things that would fit inside other things. I feel silly answers and loud arguments as well as creative thinking–just what our family loves.
Ages 10+
Players 2-6

14. Exploding Kittens

As a cat lover, I’ve ignored this game for years. however, I keep hearing that it is outrageous fun… After looking into it–and trying to ignore the cat-loving part of me–I’ve added it to the list as it does look like a card game that we would enjoy. Forgive me dear pet cat.
Ages 7+
Players 2-5

15. What the Fish

Keeping the animal theme gaming. We gifted this game to a fiend last year. Julia got to play it and thought our family would like it. The card game is about keeping your fish alive.
Ages 8+
Players 2-6

16. Moono

Another animal game. This card game sounds like Uno, but I believe it plays differently. Here are four piles and something about spots on a cow. I grew up in a dairy farming community so cows were on everything, so why not on a family game shelf?

17. Trash Pandas

Last animal game! Unlike cows, raccoons are not an animal we look kindly at–especially after having a family of them in our garage and cleaning up several of their  trash can raids! But the name intrigued me all the same. It looks like an interesting game–dice, cards, trash–something to think about.
Ages 8+
Players 2-4

18. Roll For It

Another dice game. In this one, players roll dice to win cards for points. Did I mention that I like dice games?
Ages 8+
Players 2-4

19. Qwirkle

Another game that’s been around a long time that I have never played. Looks a bit like dominions but more challenging. Good strategic thinking I’m guessing.  6+ 2-4 players

20. Set

Also a game that’s been around a while but I haven’t played. We first heard about this game from watching a YouTube video of a home-schooling family. There from a group of cards you match three cards by colours, numbers and shapes.
Ages 6+
Players 1+

That’s it, the games that have made our holiday wish list for 2019. Let’s hope we get one or more of these exciting games for Family Game Shelf! Leave a comment telling us what games made your holiday wish list for 2019!

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