Dice Game: Fifty

Fifty the dice game

Fifty is a quick family dice game. All you need is two dice. Any number of players can play and a note pad can be useful for keeping track of the score. This is a simple game but it still holds your interest and competitive spirit–maybe because it’s so simple.

The object of the game is to be the first player to get to fifty points. Simple.

But only doubles score points.

Instead of counting, there is a set amount of points depending on which doubles are rolled. The chart below shows the scoring:

Dice pair of sixes

Six = 25 points

Dice pair of fives

Five = 5 points

Dice pair of fours

Four = 5 points

Dice pair of threes

Three = lose all points

Dice pair of twos

Two = 5 points

Dice pair of ones

One – 5 points

There are two methods of playing.

Method one: there is just one set of dice. Each player takes a turn to roll the dice. If no doubles are rolled, play moves on to the next player. If doubles are rolled, the score is noted and play moves to the next player.

Method two:  This one requires a set of dice for every player. Every player rolls his or her dice and keeps rolling, adding their scores themselves until someone reaches fifty points. This method is much more frantic but that can add to the challenge and fun of the game.

This an addictive die game that anyone can play. It’s easy, fun and quick. You don’t need special equipment and it can be played just about anywhere. Fifty dice game is for sure one for the Family Game Shelf.


rating of three dice out of six
rating of three dice out of six


Rating of four out of six dice


Pros: easy, play anywhere, quick,
Cons: too simple to play all night, could be noisy
Mom: counting by fives, speed

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