DIY Sequence

Sequence is a great family strategy card game. For our review and how to play check out our blog post here. Sequence is also an easy DIY game that you can make at home with simple everyday items.

The first thing you will need is a double deck of cards without the jokers. The Sequence game comes with it’s own cards but any two standard deck of cards will work.

Next, you will need tokens. You will need about 30 to 40 tokens in three different colors. Anything could be used for this—poker chips, coins, beads. Check out my tutorial on how to make tokens using pipe cleaners here.

Now for the board. You can use a third deck of cards, cut the corners out and glue them on to a board, or you can print our Sequence board. It might be smaller, but it’s a whole lot easier. And you won’t have to waste a deck of cards.

Next you need to know the rules, which I have here. (Rules for Sequence).

That’s it. You’re now ready to play Sequence!

Sequence Dice DIY

Similar to original Sequence, Sequence dice is easy to DIY. 

What you need:

For Sequence dice DIY, you will need two standard six sided dice, about thirty tokens in three different colours and the board.

For the tokens you can use pieces from another game, coins, beads or our pipe cleaner tokens. Or you can make your own markers using the pipe cleaner technique mentioned above.

For the board, we’ve made it easy. All you have to do it print our game board. We like to print this kind of board of card stock for extra durability but regular paper works too.
To find out how to play, check out our rules for Sequence Dice.

Let us know if you use our game boards and how you liked them in the comments below.
To buy Sequence card game or Sequence Dice check them out at Amazon.

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