Sequence Dice

We are fans of the card game Sequence so we thought we would try out Sequence Dice.

The basic game is the same–getting a certain number if tokens in a row. The game can be played with either two, three or four people. If you are playing with two or three people, then you will be playing individually. If there are four players, then you are playing in two teams of two.


The object of Sequence Dice is to get 5 tokens in a row, a sequence, if you are playing with two or three players. If you car playing with four players, the number needed for a sequence is six in a row.


On your turn, you roll the two dice and add them together. You then place one of your tokens on the board on a corresponding spot. For example is you roll a 2 and a 4, then you place your token on any six that is not already covered.

Dice are rolled and added together. A token is placed on a square with that vaule.
Yellow rolled a 7. All sevens are open.

Special Rolls:

If you roll a ten then you get to remove one of your opponent’s tokens.

Elevens are wild and you can place one of your tokens on any empty space on the board.

Elevens are wild and can be played on any open square
Yellow has rolled an 11 and can place a token on any open square

A double one means you can put a token on one of the empty corners spaces. What’s special is that if you roll a two, you get to place your token and roll again.

A 12 or a 2 roll gets a second roll
Red rolled a twelve and gets a second roll.

Rolling a double six will get you only of the 12 spots in the middle of the game boar and a second turn.

The twist:

If you roll a number and all of that number is taken, then you can remove an opponent’s token and place yours on that space.

If there are no available spaces of a rolled number, you can replace an opponent's token on a square of that number.
Red has rolled a 6, all of the 6s are taken so she can replace a yellow token on any 6


To win a game of Sequence Dice with two or three players, you need to get 6 tokens in a row. If you are playing in two teams, you need to get 5 tokens in a row. 

Six in a row wins the game.
Red rolled a 6 and successfully got 6 tokens in a row.


If you are playing in teams, it adds more fun if you are not allowed to talk to your partner about what your move should be–as in the original Sequence card game.

If you would like a shorter game, then five tokens in a row gets you the win.


Sequence Dice is a fun, easy family game. It has very light strategy and relies on a lot of luck. It is easy to understand and can be a quick play. We fund that we liked the two and four player versions the best. The three player game seems to take longer than the two player and we did find ourselves just wishing that someone would win. Overall, we like Sequence Dice and have made room for it on our Family Game Shelf.


Rating of four out of six dice
Rating of four out of six dice


Five out of six dice rating


Five out of six dice rating


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Pros: easy to play, great for the whole family
Cons: the three player game can take a while, sometimes you are just waiting for someone to roll one number
Mom: critical thinking, math skills