Trick or Treat Dice Game

This Halloween, gather some dice and some friends and play our new dice game Trick or Treat!

What you need

You need three dice for every player and a score sheet.

Number of players

As many as you have dice for.

How to play

To be able to go trick or treating, you need a buddy. To do this, everyone rolls all three of their dice at the same time. If you roll doubles, you’re in; if you haven’t rolled doubles, you get two more turns to roll doubles. After three tires, if you have not rolled doubles, you’re out and can not go trick or treating.

Next, all the players who are in (who rolled doubles) roll one dice. The highest roll wins the candy, aka the points. You score the amount of the winning roll and that score is added to that player’s score tally. For example, if the highest roll for the round is a 4, then you would add 4 points to the winner’s score.

All players are in for Trick or Treat and the high roll of sox wins six points.
All the Players are in for Trick or Treating. The Orange player rolled the highest and scores 6 points.

Play then starts again with players trying to roll doubles to get into the trick or treating.

If doubles are not rolled, the player sits out.
The black player is out. The orange player wins the round and adds 5 points to her score.

Tie breaker

If there is a tie, then the players who tied roll the one dice again until one player beats the others. 

Rolling Triplets

If you roll triplets of a number, that player automatically wins that round and scores the value of the triplet. For example, if you rolled three fives, then you would score 5. You must roll triplets at the same time.

The black player rolled a triplet, automatically winning the round and scoring 5 more points.


The player who reaches 50 candy points wins all the candy! For extra fun, hand out some actual Halloween candy to the winner.


You can play Trick or Treat Dice game can easily with any number of people, at just about any age. You can also be play it well over Skype for social distancing fun! We hope you’ve enjoyed our Trick or Treat Dice game.

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