Halloween Board Game Party!

This year, Halloween looks different for many of us. Plus, my kids are getting older but still want to celebrate Halloween. So, this year, we are starting our Halloween Board Game Party tradition! We’ll have mini games, themed food, good games and wild music and, hopefully, a ton of fun. See our plan here!

First, the age old “the youngest player goes first” is really boring, repetitive and un-necessary for our older kids. So, for this Halloween Board Game Party, we are going to have mini games to decide who goes first.

Candy Corn Toss!

First up in mini games is Candy Corn toss. To play, set up a small container or glass at one end of the table. Each player gets five candy corns. They then stand at the other end of the table and “toss” the candy into the container. The player who gets the most candy in goes first in the first board game. If there’s a tie, each tied player gets five more corns. And the winner gets to go first in….

The first player in the Halloween Board Game Party is the winner of the candy corn toss
Players toss candy corn in to see who gets to go first in the next game.

Candy Land

This stand classic game is still one that my kids want to play. Although it does spend more time on the shelf than not these days, they love the nostalgia of it. We plan to liven it up by using jellybeans to add a tasty fun twist. If you land on a red square, you get a red jellybean. If you get a two yellow card, you guessed it, you get two yellow jellybeans. The first player to get to the finish line gets whatever jellybeans are left in the bag.

In Halloween Board Game Party, jelly beans are added to the classic game Candy Land
Jelly beans make a sweet twist on Candy Land

Spider Race

The next mini game is spider racing. You need a straw and a plastic spider for each player. If you don’t have plastic ones, you could make some out of pipe cleaners. To start, place the spiders on one side of the table. Next, give each player a straw. Have a timer count down to start the game. Using only the straw, you have to blow your spider off the other side of the table. The first player to get their spider off the table, wins. What do they win? The starting move of….

The Case of the Missing Mummy

This is a fun co-operative game. Where there is a mummy loose in the museum. You work together to find the spell that will put the mummy back to sleep before he escapes into the outside world. You can read the full review of the Missing Mummy here.

Mummy Dogs

While we play the fact-finding Missing Mummy game, we will munch on Mummy Dogs. For this treat, you will need hot dogs and crescent roll dough. Wrap the crescent dough around the hot dogs in strips to look like mummies and cook. Use mustard, ketchup or olives to make eyes for the mummies.

Paper Bat Race

Next up in our mini games will be Paper bat Races. Each player gets one sheet of paper and one minute to make a bat looking airplane. When the minute it up, line up and aim for a target. The one that lands closest to the target wins being the dealer in…


The card game of trump, Wizard, is our next board/card game. Players have to correctly guess the amount of tricks they will take each hand to score points. You can read the full review here. We usually use bread tags for counters, but in this Halloween Game Party, we’ll use Rockets to mark out bids.

In Wizard you can use Rockets to mark bids
Using Rockets to count bids sweets the deal.

Magic Wands

What would a wizard be without a wand? So, we’ll make fruit magic wands with reusable skewers, grapes, strawberries and marshmallows.

Pumpkin Ring Toss

You guessed it. Our next mini game is a ring toss using a pumpkin stem. Everyone gets three tries to toss a glow stick around the stem. The person who gets the most rings on the stem is the winner. Usually, they would get to be the first player in the next game, but our next game is played all at the same time, so they only get bragging rights.

Trying to get a glow stick onto a pumpkin stem will determine who will go first int he next game

Trick or Treat Dice Game

In this game, each player rolls three dice to see if they can get doubles to go trick or treating. If they can in three turns, then they get to roll one dice and try to be the highest roller of the trick or treaters. The high roll determines the score. The winner is the first person to a score of 50 and the winner of a chocolate bar! you can read the rules of the original Family Game Shelf here.

Tirck or treat dice game is a big part of Halloween Board Game Party
Play trick or treat with dice

Spooky Supper

This would be where we break for supper. We’ll make pumpkin shaped pizzas, complete with Jack O Lantern faces. For dessert, we’ll eat our candy corn Jell-O cups.

Eyeball Pong

For this mini game, you need a ping pong ball that has been coloured with Sharpie to look like an eyeball and a sturdy cup. Place the cup at one end of the table and, standing at the other end, try to bounce the eyeball into the cup. Each player gets three tries. And the winner of this mini game gets to be the starter in….


The classic murder mystery game is a must on Halloween Board Game Party! The player who figures out the secret to Clue gets to ponder the Caramilk secret as they gather their prize of a full size Caramilk bar!


Every party has to be have good music and our Halloween Board Game Party is no different. Here is our play list:

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about or Halloween Board Game Party! Hav a safe and happy Halloween!