Hallmark Christmas Movie BINGO

Who can resist the cozy, heart-warming Hallmark Christmas movies? They are a strong tradition here at Family Game Shelf. These feel-good movies are full of traditions themselves and have classic Christmas scenes to put you in the festive spirit.  And what better way to add to the fun then to play a game while watching? We created Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo to play as we watch.

Set up

Print out and cut the bingo cards that Family Game Shelf has created. We have 12 different, unique BINGO cards on three different sheets. Have a pen handy to cross off items. For extra fun, have a small prize on hand for the winner–a special hot chocolate, a candy cane, a home baked cookie. 


Grab your BINGO card and pencil, cozy up on the sofa, and cue up any Hallmark Christmas Movie. As you watch, cross off any item on your card. The game is meant to be fun and friendly, so a little leeway can be given to items. For instance, if the square says “shopping bag” it might be that the character is carrying the bag or it may have groceries in it that the character is taking out, or might be given to someone on screen. Also, if the square says snowman, the snowman might be being made, or in the background, or maybe just talked about or mentioned. It’s up to whose who are playing, but in the spirt of Christmas, we recommend being nice.

Two more to go for a BINGO


The player who gets a line is the winner. For a longer game, you could play the whole card, or any varity of common BINGO games, such as a X or corners. However, we found that playing the whole card is hard to do and takes focus away from the movie too much. It’s up to whoever is playing. Just make sure to set the boundaries before you start playing!


This year, the Hallmark channel is premiering 39 new movies! And with two full months of wall to wall Christmas, there will be plenty of opportunities to use you Hallmark Christmas Movies Bingo cards! You can find a listing of the movies here.

More Fun

To add to your movie watching fun, you can wear a Hallmark Christmas shirt, some cozy Hallmark socks or even get wrapped up in a Hallmark throw blanket!

We hope you enjoy Hallmark Christmas Movie BINGO if you’ve played, we’d love you here from you in the comments. 

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