Hallmark Christmas Movie Party

It’s the time of year again….Hallmark Christmas Movie time! Honestly, as a busy mom, Christmas time seems more like a job than fun. But with all the crazy events, and shopping and to do lists, watching the Hallmark Christmas movies gives me back a sense of joy and Christmas magic. My girls are now old enough to enjoy the Hallmark movies too–insisting that we watch all that we can manage. So, as we have a slower pace this year, I thought why not make a Hallmark Christmas Movie Party to make the day special? In this post, I’ll share with you our easy, cost friendly Hallmark Christmas Movie Party ideas.

What to wear

There is a lot of choices of Hallmark watching shirts and socks. Find one you like here.

Tree Pizza

What’s a party without great food? nothing, of course. So we start with a tree pizza. 

To make the tree, follow the directions for a biscuit mix, we used Bisquick, then arrange the uncooked dough balls into a tree shape on a baking sheet. Then spoon pizza sauce over the dough. We like the Primo brand that comes in an easy squeeze bottle. Next, top the tree with mozzarella cheese and any other of your favorite pizza toppings. You can add some parsley for a pine needle look. Next, cook the tree until golden brown.

Hallmark Christmas Movie BINGO

We are as addicted to our BINGO cards as we are with the Hallmark Christmas movies them selves. Good thing we have 12 unique cards so every movie is new! You can get your copy here. We find that playing for a single line is best.

Movie time!

Some thing with jingle bells, skating, a fireplace and some hugs (okay maybe those things are on my BINGO card!)

Commercial time

In the commercials we like to keep busy with some crafts–how Hallmark! Our first craft, is a clothes pin star. Start with 10 clothes pins. Next, take the pins apart. Keep the wood parts to glue together into a snowflake on a different day (or later in the party if you want to use glue while watching TV). Then take the wire part and gently pull back the two end parts and slide the ends into the curly part of the next metal clothes pin part. Do this until you have all the metal parts in a line. The next step is to bend the line into a star shape. Lastly, snap the last end into the first curly part to complete star shape. One last step is to hang a ribbon or string on through the star to hang on the tree.

Sweet Time

After all that hard work crafting, we need another sweet treat in this Hallmark Christmas Movie party. For this treat, we’ll need pretzel sticks, green chocolate melts or white chocolate chips with green food colouring and sprinkles. The first step is to lay out the pretzel stick on parchment paper, leaving space between them. Next, melt the white chocolate chips in the microwave. When the chocolate is melted, stir in the green food colouring. Next, use a spoon to drizzle the chocolate over the pretzel stick starting small and widening the drizzle as you go–making it look like a Christmas tree. Stop the drizzle before you get to the end of the pretzel. Next, add the sprinkles on top while the chocolate is still soft. Let the chocolate trees cool and harden and then eat during the next heart-felt movie moment. 

Giving Back

Many of the Hallmark Christmas movies have military members in them. This brings to mind the men and women far from home during the holidays. Take time during one of the commercial breaks to write a letter to a solider and spread the warm feelings that the movie stirs in you. 

Game Time

In between the movies we’ll play Santa’s Sleigh dice game. This quick and easy game is prefect while the credits roll. You can read the full instructions here.

Santa's Sleigh Dice Game

Movie time

With the start of the next movie, we need a new BINGO card! Let’s hope this movie has a decorated store window, a red ribbon, a scarf and a snow globe in the first few scenes. Oh, are those items on my new BINGO card…lucky me.


What’s a movie without some popcorn! And what would be more fun would be to make your popcorn cute with Reindeer cups! We’ll need see through cups, brown pipe cleaners )or any festive colour) or candy canes, google eyes, a red pompom and popcorn of course. First, tape or glue the eyes and red pompom onto the front of the cup. Next, bend the pipe cleaners so they reach the bottom of the cup and stick out of the top. Bend the ends into antler shapes. You can use candy canes for antlers if you’d like. Next, fill the cup with popcorn. You can pop your own or use store bought popcorn. Enjoy this cute treat while the movie plays out.

Commercial time

Next in this Hallmark Christmas Movie party is to make our own ornaments. We’ll need a mason jar lid, some fabric and markers or cut outs. And some red ribbon.  First, take the lid apart. Cut the fabric so that it is bigger than the inside part. Fold the fabric around the inside part then put both back inside the outer ring of the lid. Next, decorate the fabric with either markers or by gluing some Christmas cut out on it. Lastly, tie the ribbon around the outside of the lid and make a loop for hanging. Our holiday ornament is all finished. 

Hot Chocolate

And to finish off our Hallmark Christmas Movie Party, we’ll have some delicious hot chocolate. There are lots of gourmet hot chocolate out there, our favorites are caramel, smores and white chocolate. We’ll make sure to top our drink off with lots of marshmallows and a ginger bread cookie.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about our Hallmark Christmas Movie Party. I also hope you were inspired to have your own party this year and try out some of our games, crafts and snacks!

If you’re looking to fill your Family Game Shelf with some new games this Christmas, check out our game reviews to see what would make a good fit for your family. Check out our dice games and our card games for more ideas to spend more family time together!

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